Ask a safety officer: Waterslides


With the heat and sun comes an increase in people using waterslides. We often get questions about the safety of waterslides and how to report unsafe slides. Here are the top waterslide questions our safety officers get asked, and our answers. 

I think the waterslide at my local pool is not being operated correctly and I have concerns about my child’s safety. How can I report this?

If you notice a waterslide that seem to be not properly maintained or if you believe it is not being operated correctly, we want to know. Report hazards or incidents to us via our online form. You can also report an incident or hazard by calling 1 866 566 7233. You can remain anonymous if you wish. 

Why can’t I go down the waterslide head first?

You are not allowed to ride head first on a ride unless the waterslide has been specially designed for head first riding. Presently, there are no regulated waterslides in British Columbia that allow head first riding. In 2017, we investigated a serious incident where a user went down a waterslide head first, on their stomach. This resulted in injuries including four broken teeth. For your own safety, we caution against this practice. Please follow instructions on posted signs and those provided by the attendant. 

Why was I not allowed to ride double with my child on the waterslide?

Most waterslides are designed for single riders, riding feet first while sitting or lying down. Waterslides that allow more than one rider are specifically designed for this type of riding. In fact, almost all waterslides that allow multiple riders use some type of tube or raft for you to sit in when riding down the waterslide. More information can be found here.

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