DIY home renovations can have repercussions

The google instructions seem easy enough. Cut a few holes in the wall, move around some wires, and you’ve got a couple of new light switches for your bedroom lamps. If you’ve considered doing your own electrical work as a part of home renovations, you’re not alone.

But did you know that saving hundreds of dollars on a DIY project can end up costing thousands more in damages if wiring was done improperly? Worst yet, your safety is at risk, as is your family living in an unsafe home.

One of the biggest issues with DIY is just that – when you’re doing it yourself, there’s no one to verify the work you’re doing is safe. Relying on YouTube videos for instruction can be misleading because anyone can post content online – regardless if they are experts or not. Unsafe installations and instructions are commonly found online, but sometimes it’s also the lack of information that can be confusing and cause accidents. There may be unknown differences in your home that requires an alternate approach, or there may be special tools or safety gear you’ll need for the job which isn’t apparent in a video that’s edited for length.

Additionally, insurance companies may not cover damages as a result of unqualified work.  In other cases, they may request compensation, or “back sue” for damages that came from work done without a permit or inspection.  Legally, a permit is required for regulated electrical and gas work under the Safety Standards Act in BC.

To stay on the safe side, hire a qualified professional when doing any electrical work. You can find one here.

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