Do you operate a historical boiler?


Four regulatory authorities have developed and endorsed the Harmonized Requirements for Historical Boilers – a document that provides harmonized rules, reflects industry-recognized good engineering practices, and guides users towards the safe operation of their boilers.

The four regulatory authorities represent their respective jurisdictions and include the following:

  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)
  • Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner
  • Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
  • Technical Safety BC

The document defines historical boilers as “a steam boiler of riveted or welded construction, including steam tractors, traction engines, hobby steam boilers, portable steam boilers, steam locomotive boilers, and other such boilers built prior to 1955 that is preserved, restored, and maintained for demonstration, viewing, or educational purposes.”

The first part of the document includes common requirements approved by all participating regulatory authorities. The second part covers jurisdiction-specific requirements. It should be noted that in case there is a conflict between the legislation of the local jurisdiction and the requirements of the said document or any referenced standards, the legislation of the local jurisdiction shall prevail.

Harmonized Requirements for Historical Boilers is published by ABSA on behalf of the regulatory authorities named above.

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