FSR renewals: What you need to know, now


With many Field Safety Representatives (FSRs) in BC required to renew their certification by July 31, 2019, we’re getting questions every day about how to renew, why FSRs need to renew, and what happens if the deadline is missed.

We’ve rounded up the most popular FAQs around the program. 

What are the benefits for existing FSRs to renew their certification?

The program changes mean that only those FSRs who are actively practicing within BC and who have up-to-date knowledge will remain certified. This will help create a more level playing field among FSRs and create additional value for their certification.

Further, it will provide current and future employers, clients, and the general public with assurance that FSRs have the necessary up-to-date knowledge of the relevant acts, codes, and regulations to effectively perform regulated work.

What is the cost?

If you received your certification prior to January 1, 2017, the cost to renew your FSR certificate is $100 per three-year cycle.

If you received your certification on or between January 1, 2017, and February 7, 2018, the renewal fee is waived.

How do I renew?

FSRs can renew their certification online through their online services account. If you already have an account with us you can renew now.

If you haven’t registered for an online account, register now. Registering for an online account allows you to view your certification status and all permits that you are currently named on, as the FSR.

If you are having difficulties registering you can also refer to our information webpage to help you through the process.

I hold multiple FSR certificates. Do I renew all of them?

No. If you hold multiple FSR Class A, B, or C certificates, you only need to renew the highest class. For example, if you hold a Class B and a Class A FSR certification, you only need to renew your Class A certification.

What happens if I don’t renew?

If you do not renew your FSR certification by July 31, 2019:

  • your FSR certification will expire;
  • any contractor licence you are named on will become invalid, along with any associated installation or operating permits;
  • you cannot be named on any new or renewed operating permits, installation permits, temporary construction permits, and contractor licences;
  • you cannot assess compliance with codes and regulations; and
  • you cannot submit declarations of compliance.

If I am a contractor or asset owner, what happens if the FSR named on my contractor licence or permits does not renew their FSR certification?

Contractors or asset holders who do not have an FSR with a valid certificate named on their licence or permit may be impacted until their FSR renews their certification or another certified FSR is named. For example, contractors will not be able to continue performing electrical work and will no longer be able to take out installation permits. This means asset owners may no longer be able to continue to legally operate electrical equipment.

Contractors can name a new certified FSR using this form.

If you are having trouble registering for an online account or submitting your FSR renewal application, please contact us. If you are ready to renew, click here.

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