Hoist operator injured on construction site



A construction hoist operator narrowly escaped serious injury after moving into a restricted area of a construction elevator without authorization to do so.

The individual had moved on top of the construction elevator car during servicing to provide radio communication to the crane operator and first aid attendant. Though another elevating devices mechanic operating the hoist did ensure there were no hazards in place before moving the elevator up, he was not aware of the presence of the other worker until he heard a scream to stop the hoist, which he did. The individual was caught between a mast brace and a handrail and had struck his head on a stationary brace, injuring his jaw and teeth.   

Area of entrapment
Arrow shows area of entrapment

It is likely the individual did not understand the risks of moving into restricted areas.

Learn more details of Technical Safety BC's investigation into this incident here: Hoist operator injured on construction site.

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