Meet Arne: Railway Safety Manager


Technical Safety BC Railway Safety Manager Arne Vigen leads a team of five railway safety officers who regulate railways that operate solely within British Columbia and possess a Ministry Certificate and Operating Permit.

Arne has over two decades' experience working in the railway industry. He began his railway career working with Bombardier in South Asia in the mid '90s. Splitting his time between heavy haul and light transit, Arne has worked across North America, with a focus on wheel/rail interface and track maintenance. Here, Arne shares more about his role as Railway Safety Manager, his vision for the Railway Safety Program, and a bit about what he gets up to outside of Technical Safety BC.

What does a typical week look like for you?

My time is dedicated to analyzing and monitoring trends and situations that occur within the rail industry, and developing strategies to enhance safety for the public and workers. On a day-to-day basis, I oversee development and implementation of operational policies, business processes, and programs to ensure that safety services are delivered consistently across the Province and in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements. Additionally, I am often the liaison between Technical Safety BC and our railway clients for significant new projects and emerging strategic initiatives.

One of the initiatives I have been working on is transitioning the Railway Safety Program audit system to one that is more risk-based.  This is how other technologies at Technical Safety BC are overseen and I see the advantages of this type of oversight model.  We are working to have this new oversight process implemented across the railway industry in 2019.

What areas is the Railway Safety Program currently focusing on?

One item we are working on is ensuring that rail crew members in safety critical positions are correctly trained and qualified, and that tracking and mechanical systems are held to the necessary standards. We are also working to ensure operational staff are exercising best practices when shunting or transiting their respective rail networks.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

This role with Technical Safety BC is so unique and unlike any other position I’ve held within the industry. It’s a very gratifying role knowing that the rail team and I can have a direct influence on both the safety of our provincial railways and the public at large. I am inspired by the dedication and commitment of our team and the work we do.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work one of my passions is music as I am a budding musician, playing lead guitar with a band for the last five years. I am also an animal lover and an avid cyclist, preferring to spend my time outside with my golden retriever – rain or shine!

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