New amusement rides coming to BC in 2019


With every new year comes a new slate of thrills landing at theme and amusement parks across the province. In preparation for these new amusement rides Technical Safety BC has been busy issuing installation permits for these new amusement rides and alteration permits for any changes to existing rides. As part of this we have been conducting acceptance inspections on all the new amusement rides before they can open to the public.

The new rides are proving the season will not disappoint. Here are a few attractions you can get amped for this summer:

Playland Vancouver, Sea-to-Sky Swinger

sea-to-sky ride


Replacing the iconic Wave Swinger, Playland’s new addition is the 64 person capacity Sea-to-Sky Swinger. The new amusement ride spins counter-clockwise at 43 feet and six inches high and reaches speeds of 11 rpm. More details at:

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Aerial Adventure Park

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is opening a brand new four-storey ropes course where adventurers can zip across 50 metre ziplines. More details at:

West Coast Amusements

WCA Frenzy Ride

West Coast Amusements, Canada’s largest traveling carnival operator, has three new rides added to their collection: Elephant Ride (for children), Tip Top Ride, and a Frenzy Ride. Learn about these rides and where West Coast Amusements will be this summer at:

Our amusement devices safety officers oversee the safety of amusement device installation and operation throughout British Columbia in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation. The types of regulated amusement devices range from small waterslides and inflatable play equipment to larger rides such as roller coasters.

In addition to Technical Safety BC issuing permits, licences and certificates, we work with the amusement devices industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research.

Learn more about what amusement devices are regulated here.

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