New requirements: site fall protection verification and pre-operation inspection declarations


Information bulletins on pre-operation inspection declarations and site fall protection verification declaration were issued to the British Columbian passenger ropeway industry in preparation for the 2018-2019 operating season.

Contractor pre-operation inspection declaration for passenger ropeways

As part of Technical Safety BC’s ongoing auditing, assessment, and inspection of passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors, we are requiring that all passenger ropeway contractors complete a pre-operation inspection declaration. One declaration is required for each operating passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor.

Five declaration forms in fillable pdf format have been created for the following types of devices:

Working at heights safely while conducting passenger ropeway assessments

The information bulletin is relevant to all passenger ropeway contractors operating passenger ropeways where a fall hazard of three meters (10 feet) or more exists in British Columbia.

The nature of many passenger ropeways requires safety officers to work at great heights to properly assess and inspect equipment. To ensure worker safety is in accordance with WorkSafeBC and occupational health and safety regulations, Technical Safety BC is asking passenger ropeway contractors to complete and submit a Site Fall Protection Verification Declaration to their local safety officer before any physical assessment where working at heights is needed.

This declaration helps verify that all required fall protection procedures, rescue equipment, and trained personnel are in place when a physical assessment that involves working at heights is required. When onsite, the safety officer will review these topics with those involved in conducting the inspection.

If a safety officer discovers that the passenger ropeway contractor has not met the requirements of the fall protection site verification, the inspection may be cancelled and re-scheduled. Additional inspection fees may be charged for a re-inspection.

Declarations are to be submitted annually to: See site fall protection verification declaration and pre-operation inspection declarations information bulletins for more information on when to submit your declaration(s).

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