Reconciliation Agreement Update for Canadian Registration Numbers

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Manufacturers looking to register their pressure equipment in multiple Canadian provinces can now do so in a more streamlined manner.

Recently, a regulatory reconciliation agreement between nine provinces and territories was signed to make it easier for pressure vessel designs to be registered across Canada. The Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Registration Number for Pressure Equipment (RA for CRN) provides mutual recognition of design reviews for boilers, pressure vessels and fittings conducted by the participating provinces and territories.

In lieu of a national system that allows country-wide registration, these provinces and territories have worked to recognize the validity of design reviews from one another. Although this does not mean that the provinces and territories will adopt or adhere to each other’s regulations, once a design review is successfully completed in one of these jurisdictions, it will not need to be reviewed again in another. This reduces the burden on the industry, as manufacturers previously had to go through a new registration and review process for each jurisdiction where their product would be sold, installed, or used. The intent of this agreement is to save time (and potentially money) for manufacturers.

The regulatory process for review in each jurisdiction remains unchanged, and each regulator will continue to conduct reviews based on their respective legislation, application, and review processes. They will each have discretion over the information collected and how it is used. Fees will be charged by each province or territory where the design will be registered.

Participating provinces and territories include: British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Yukon.  Nunavut is currently in the process of formally signing the agreement.

As the regulator for British Columbia, Technical Safety BC cites service to its clients and environmental responsibility as reasons to take part in this agreement.

“Technical Safety BC is happy to be a part of this initiative. It allows ease of access for provincial markets by simplifying the process. Those registering through Technical Safety BC can do so online and also see the progress of their application. Their registrations will also be a part of our reciprocal registration service and will have met our professional reliance requirements,” says Tom Ng, Provincial Safety Manager, Engineering at Technical Safety BC.

Alberta, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador have not yet signed the reconciliation agreement for CRN and are not mutually recognizing reviews conducted by other jurisdictions, although all three remain in the working group overseeing this agreement.

This Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Registration Number for Pressure Equipment (RA for CRN) came into force as of January, 1, 2020.

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