Renewing FSR certificates in 2021


While most of the FSR renewal process is staying the same in 2021, we want to tell you about some key aspects of the process:

  • There are new classification names for restricted classes
  • You can still renew an FSR certificate for a grandparented class
  • Continuing education
  • The consequences of not renewing

New classification names

We’ve changed the names of our restricted classes, to make them clearer. You’ll see the new names when you look through our classes. Simply click one of the classes to get more details—including the class’ old name.

Note that the restricted classes themselves are staying the same. Only their names have been adjusted.

Renewing certification for grandparented classes

Grandparented classes are classes that are no longer offered by Technical Safety BC. However, they remain valid for anyone who has already received them. In order to renew your grandparented certificate, you need to complete 4 hours of continuing education. Visit the Renewal page to find out if your certificate has been grandparented.

Continuing Education

To renew an FSR certificate, you need to meet minimum continuing education requirements. If you haven’t already met your continuing education requirements yet, visit the “Continuing education requirements section” on the Renewal page to find out how to do so.

Consequences of not renewing

If you do not renew your certificate but continue to perform regulated work, you put yourself and others at risk. These are the consequences for working with an expired certificate:

  • A safety officer may issue a compliance order, or recommend a monetary penalty.
  • A safety officer may be authorized to stop your work in the field
  • Any contractor licence you’re named on becomes invalid, along with any associated installation or operating permits
  • You cannot be named on any new or renewed operating permits, installation permits, temporary construction permits, and contractor licences
  • You cannot assess compliance with current codes and regulations
  • You cannot submit declarations of compliance

Visit Technical Safety BC - Electrical FSR to learn more about renewing your Electrical FSR certificate in 2021.

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