Safe sliding: Three tips to avoid waterslide incidents


Waterslides can be great fun, but when used improperly they can also be dangerous. Last year we investigated a serious incident where a user went down the slide on their stomach and struck the end of the flume structure while dropping into the pool, injuring their palate and breaking several teeth.

Most incidents that occur on waterslides are caused by improper use of the waterslide by the rider(s) and are easily preventable. To stay safe, it is important that riders follow these basic rules.

  1. Follow instructions – Users must obey the instructions of the waterslide attendant or posted instructions. Individuals who are unsure should ask the attendant before using the slide. Parents should review the waterslide’s safety requirements with their children before they use the device, and should also monitor their children to ensure that they are following all the safety requirements.
  2. Ride in the correct position – Most waterslides are designed to be ridden feet first, by a single rider. Users must not flip over onto their stomach, spin around as they go down the slide, or ride head first. 
  3. Keep going - Stopping in the slide and/or not exiting the splash down area immediately can cause pile ups to occur, which could result in injury. 

Waterslides are designed for safe use and if riders follow all the safety requirements they can have a fun and safe experience.

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