Technical Safety BC female leaders share life and career advice


We have all faced challenges at our workplace. It could be a result of balancing work with personal life, ambitions to further our career, or even planning parental responsibilities. Seeking mentorship from someone who cares about you and is not afraid to speak to you honestly is one solution to this problem. Mentors can be friends or colleagues, people who are older or younger than you,  and/or in senior or junior positions.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending Technical Safety BC’s Evening of Women's Mentorship with some of our ambitious and successful female leaders.

What struck me was the simple act of sharing helped other women in the room get to know their senior colleagues better and understand the unique challenges that come with climbing the corporate ladder. Most importantly, it helped build a special connection that surpassed job function and professional relationships.

As a communicator, I believe this event was a good example of the ways an organization can strengthen its team through the power of personal relationships, trust and, partnership.

Below are tips shared by some of Technical Safety BC's remarkable women – Catherine Roome, President and Chief Executive Officer; Kate Baillie, Vice President, Communications & Content Strategy; Kate Parker, Vice President, People; Janice Lee, Director, Safety Oversight; Lisa Picotte-Li, Legal Counsel; Carrie Hughes, Regional Business Leader, Interior – who spoke at the Evening of Women's Mentorship event.

  • Never shy away from responsibilities. Be aware of them and pivot your role according to your responsibilities.
  • Leadership can be learned at a young age and in any role – even by running your parents’ grocery store.
  • Big events and moments amplify the type of person you are. Use those moments to understand your personality and to identify your career choice.
  • Being successful in your own eyes is as important as being successful in the eyes of others.
  • Master imposter syndrome by challenging yourself and taking the all-important step to change.
  • Take time to reflect. Use those tiny pauses to search for moments of joy. This will ground you and help you face anything the world throws at you.
  • Give yourself a daily dose of intense gratification by shifting your mindset to being really grateful for what you have.
  • Indulge in a self-dialogue at the beginning of every day - How do I want to show up today? What do I have to offer in any given situation? What are my boundaries? This will help you define your day and help you take your first step.
  • Accept the fact that you cannot do it all on your own. You may need to reach out and take help from your children, friends, family, community.
  • Do you enjoy work and not miss being with your young children all the time? That’s perfectly fine. It’s not wrong to enjoy work. Put your guilt away by showing that you care. Be their role model by showing what it takes to be successful.
  • Live and enjoy every moment. It will make you happier and help you overcome thoughts of not doing enough for everyone who is important to you.
  • There is a lot you can learn when you go slow. There is no need to rush.
  • When you are at crossroads, ask yourself: What’s worth fighting for? How can I be happy at work? How can I learn and contribute and be valued? How can I ensure that my family is an enduring source of happiness? Where does my integrity stand? Where do I draw the line? The answers to those questions are your values that will guide your way forward.
  • If you are in doubt, ask yourself: Would a younger me be proud of me?
  • Value the lows in life that have tested you and defined what you are capable of. Derive energy from reflecting on your strengths.
  • Success is very personal and different from person to person. Set your targets and savor your achievements. It will help you in gaining confidence.
  • Don’t predefine what you want to achieve. Don’t focus so deeply at your goals such that you lose real opportunities on the way.
  • Take risks and be ready to fail. To be prepared find the answer to the question: What will an epic failure look like? Will I be able to deal with that?
  • Contribute wholeheartedly to your community. Leave a rich and colorful life behind such that when your time is done on the planet, let others hear great things that they have not heard before.
  • Make a difference and work to leave behind beautiful memories.

Do you have a tip to share? Leave your comments and add to the list.

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