Technical Safety BC oversees technical equipment on Port of Vancouver site


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Effective October 1, authority to administer the Safety Standards Act in the electrical and gas technologies on Port of Vancouver lands within the City of Vancouver has transitioned to Technical Safety BC. This is in addition to Technical Safety BC’s pre-existing authority on Port of Vancouver lands over other technologies within our mandate.

This means individuals installing, operating, manufacturing, altering, maintaining or selling equipment in any of the following technologies are now operating under Technical Safety BC jurisdiction:

  • Electrical equipment and systems *
  • Boilers, pressure vessels and refrigeration systems
  • Natural gas and propane appliances and systems, including hydrogen *
  • Elevating devices, such as elevators and escalators
  • Passenger ropeways, such as aerial trams and ski lifts
  • Amusement devices
  • Complex and integrated technical systems involving several technologies

* Previously under City of Vancouver jurisdiction, meaning permits would have been obtained through them.

What this means:

Starting October 1, contractors working on projects within the Port of Vancouver must take out installation permits for all new and ongoing or in-progress work. Please note building permits will continue to be issued by the City of Vancouver.

Asset owners of regulated equipment will be required to obtain operating permits. We will be reaching out to asset owners in the coming weeks to provide further information to assist you in determining whether an operating permit is required and, if it is, how to obtain one.

We understand that it will take some time for contractors and asset owners to obtain all required permits on Port of Vancouver lands. While we expect you begin taking immediate steps to obtain the required permits, we do not intend to take immediate enforcement actions for failure to obtain permits on this site. We will be in touch with you to advise you of final deadlines for obtaining installation and operating permits before taking enforcement action for unpermitted work. Nothing stated here precludes Technical Safety BC from taking all necessary actions to resolve immediate safety hazards.

How to take out permits:

When obtaining a permit through our online services, you may obtain a warning message indicating that “Technical Safety BC may not administer permits of this type in the city specified”. We are working to eliminate this message. Simply ignore and proceed with the application to obtain a permit for your Port of Vancouver site.

Who can help

We are here to assist during this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1 866 566 7233 (7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday), or via email:


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