Boiler Inspections

Technical Safety BC performs routine inspections on boilers, refrigeration plants, pressure piping and pressure vessels.


Persons making a declaration required by regulation or the Safety Standards Act, must physically inspect the work before making the declaration and certifying its compliance.

The amendment to Safety Standards General Regulation is effective August 31, 2018.


If your boiler had a safety officer inspection before you received your installation permit, you will also need routine inspections thereafter. If you are a contractor and would like to request an inspection related to an installation permit, submit Boiler and Refrigeration Inspection Declaration Form 1449 to your nearest Technical Safety BC office.

Remember to store your Certificate of Inspection near the equipment and keep in mind that industrial insurance companies and fire departments may request a copy. If you sell the unit, all paperwork should accompany it.

Performing your own inspections – the Equivalent Standards Agreements (ESAs)

All regulated equipment owners with an operating permit are obliged to regularly inspect and maintain their units to ensure they’re in safe working condition and comply with the applicable code. This means managing the integrity of your pressure equipment throughout its lifecycle: from design, construction and installation, throughout its service life (operation, maintenance, repairs, alterations, inspections) to decommissioning.

The Equivalent Standards Agreement (ESA) is an agreement between large plant operators and Technical Safety BC. For more information, please review the Equivalent Standards Agreement.

ASME Shop Inspections

Technical Safety BC conducts code inspections to ensure that boiler and pressure vessel equipment conforms to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certification Program.

To book an inspection time, submit an ASME Shop Inspection Request.

Preparing confined spaces for inspection

Before your boiler inspection you need to prepare any confined spaces to avoid hazards for our safety officers.

Refer to the information found at this link to help you prepare.

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