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**IMPORTANT: A new pressure welder program will come into effect on December 3, 2019. Learn more...

An individual or company can apply to Technical Safety BC for a Pressure Welder Certificate of Recognition.

The certificate holder is recognized by the Provincial Safety Manager to be competent in administering performance qualification tests for pressure welders in BC. This is in accordance with Section 42 of the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.

To apply for or renew a Certificate of Recognition, submit the following documents to Technical Safety BC office.

  1. Submit completed application by email (preferred) or in person at a Technical Safety BC office with subject line: Certificate of Recognition.
  2. Quality manual review checklist for the Administration of Welding Performance Qualification Tests which can be found on page 2 to 7 in the Welding Performance Testing Administrator - Guide for Assessment of Quality Control Manuals MAN-4017,
  3. Quality Control Manual as outlined in the Welding Performance Qualifications Test Administrator - Guide for Applicants for Guidance Manual MAN-4018, along with
  4. Payment for minimum charge of assessment fee (non-refundable, by hourly Safety Services Rate in accordance with the fee schedule):
    a. For new application – 5 hours
    b. For renewal – one hour
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