Operating Rules: Licensed Elevating Device Operators

These rules are applicable to licensed Elevating Device Operator, Personnel Hoist and Car Switch Operator.

  • No person shall be employed as an operator of an elevating device unless licensed under the regulations as an operator.
  • No person shall operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated if there is reason to believe that it is an unsafe condition.
  • No person shall operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated in an unsafe manner.
  • No person shall operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated with a load in excess of the maximum capacity stated in its certificate.

The operator's licence may be refused, suspended, or cancelled, if:

  • The Safety Manager considers the training, experience, skill or level of competence of the applicant or the holder of the license should not be issued, renewed or continued; or
  • the Safety Manager is satisfied that the holder of the license has done anything that:
    would have had justified refusal to issue a license;
    is contrary to this Act or the Regulations; or
    is contrary to a condition of the license.
  • A person has committed an offence under the Offence Act under the following circumstances:
    - operates an elevating device unsafely;
    - operates an elevating device that has been sealed out of service by an inspector
    - employs an unlicensed operator;
    - knowingly makes a false statement in any document required by the Regulations;
    - contravenes or fails to comply with a term or condition of a license;
    - contravenes or fails to comply with a direction of a safety officer;
    - obstructs, impedes or interferes with an safety officer;
    - gives a safety officer false information respecting any matter with which the safety officer has power to deal under this Act;

An application for an operator license is to be made to Technical Safety BC and is to be accompanied by the fee specified.

An operator license is classified as follows:

  • Car Switch Operator;
  • Personnel Hoist Operator;
  • Section 5.10 elevator Operator under Standard CAN/CSA-B44

An applicant shall certify in writing that they are:

  • at least 18 years of age where an application is for a Personnel Hoist Operator license; or
  • at least 16 years of age for all other classes of license;
  • has satisfactorily completed a training program acceptable to the Safety Manager.

Temporary Elevating Devices are classified as follows:

  1. Personnel hoists installed in accordance with the CAN/CSA-Z185, Safety Code for personnel hoists;
  2. Section 5.10 elevators installed in accordance with the CAN/CSA-B44, elevator Safety Code, Section 5.10, Temporary use of Permanent Elevators for Carrying Workmen or Materials

Requirements for Personnel Hoists:

  • A swing stage, window washer, scaffolding or similar type equipment must not be located within 3 meters (10 feet) of a personnel hoist way unless guarded in accordance with the safety code.
  • A personnel hoist must not be operated if:
    - the wind speed exceeds 60 km per hour (35 mph), not including gust wind speed; or
    - the operation is deemed unsafe by a licensed operator.
  • The personnel hoist operator must perform a daily routine safety inspection and must complete and inspection check list.
  • Requirements for Section 5.10 Elevators: A Section 5.10 elevator must be inspected by an elevator safety officer before being put into operation.