Elevating Devices Mechanic - Working in BC (International)

Submit the following:

  1. Completed Class A ED mechanic application for certification.
  2. Proof the applicant has successfully completed an elevating device mechanic training program – transcripts are mandatory.
  3. List of detailed training programs/courses completed that relate to Class A Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification.
  4. Detailed outlines of the above courses/programs including hours of study in each module.
  5. Certified translations of the above into English as required.
  6. Proof that the applicant has 8,000 hours of experience doing regulated work within the scope of the certificate of qualification being applied for.
  7. Pay applicable fee.


On receipt of all items for an Out of Country Assessment, Technical Safety BC will conduct a formal gap analysis of both the in-class/theoretical training and practical skills requirements. We will use the Elevating Device Mechanic Program Outline to conduct this gap analysis. This will be based on the application materials submitted by the candidate.

  1. To ensure that all items required in the elevating devices mechanic certification Program Outline have been achieved, credit is not provided for the completion of partial modules.
  2. Where a candidate has not met the requirements for certification, the candidate will be required to obtain the required experience or training in BC through a registered elevating device contractor, or accredited training provider.
  3. Practical experience gained in the elevating device or related industry will not replace the formal in-class/theoretical training requirements for the class applied.
  4. General training completed or training in another trade technology by the applicant is not eligible for credit.