Complaints, Compliments & Suggestions

Technical Safety BC and our employees would like to hear any complaints, compliments or suggestions you may have so we can serve you better.


Your complaint may be about:

  • Our services;
  • Our policies;
  • Procedures and practices; or
  • A suspected misconduct by a Technical Safety BC employee.

We’ll respond to your written complaint within 20 working days of receipt. We may not be able to investigate if the complaint has been filed more than three months after the event occured, or if the complaint is considered to be made in bad faith. We will always let you know if this is the case.

Our Public Complaint Process

  1. Contact any Technical Safety BC office and ask to speak with the immediate supervisor. That supervisor will assist you in resolving the issue.
  2. If you feel your complaint wasn’t completely addressed you can submit a written complaint or complete the Complaints, Compliments and Suggestion Form 1093. The information you provide will be protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please include:
    a. Your name and contact details;
    b. The location, date and time of the event;
    c. The details of your concern;
    d. The name(s) of any Technical Safety BC employee(s) involved;
    e. The name(s) of any Technical Safety BC mployee(s) you have already been in contact with.
  3. Submit the form to Technical Safety BC by mail or email, as outlined on the form.
  4. You may also write to the Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer who will further investigate your complaint and issue a written response. Send a letter to the corporate office, Attention: Office of the President and CEO.
  5. If you haven’t reached a resolution after the previous stages and feel you have been treated unfairly, you can contact the BC Office of the Ombudsperson.

Contact Us

Please fill out and send the completed form and submit by mail to our corporate office or email

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