Fitting Registration Requirements

February 28, 2014, Updated: June 24, 2020

This details the requirements for the registration of designs of fittings for use in British Columbia. Fittings shall be registered in accordance with Clause 4.2 of CSA B51 “Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping Code”. 

The following information and documentation are mandatory for all submissions:

  1. A completed British Columbia CRN Application Form
  2. A completed British Columbia Statutory Declaration Form (Note: Statutory Declarations from other provinces may be accepted)
    - See Sample and guide for preparing Statutory Declarations
  3. Drawings
    - or catalogues detailing dimensions, material specifications, pressure/ temperature ratings and markings
  4. Documentation from a regulatory authority / Authorized inspection agency
    - verification that the manufacturer’s quality control program meets all the requirements provided in Annex F of CSA B51
  5. For Reciprocals,
    - proof of initial registration from one regulatory authority is required (stamped copy of the statutory declaration form, and acceptance letter)
    - a completed and signed Supplemental Sheet to qualify for our streamlined reciprocal registration process


  • Submissions for fittings conforming to a code/ standard other than the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code or ASME Code for Pressure Piping, require a copy of the applicable code or standard.
  • The code or standard must be translated into English if necessary.
  • The code or standard must detail requirements for materials, dimensions, pressure/temperature ratings and markings.
  • Detailed calculations or proof tests results, witnessed by an authorized inspector, may be required to demonstrate that the fitting design is suitable for the pressure and temperature ratings. 


  • Fittings shall be registered in a category listed in Table 1 of CSA B51 with the exception of Categories A, B, C, and G which are exempt from registration as per Directive No. DB6 070402 3
  • Fittings of the same category may be registered collectively. Separate registration of each fitting design in a category is not required. 


  • Fitting registrations are only valid if a current certification of the manufacturer’s quality control program is on record with Technical Safety BC.
  • The manufacturer’s quality control program shall be recertified at a maximum interval of five years.
  • All fitting registrations must be revalidated ten years after the date of initial registration.


  • The design registration submission will be reviewed to verify that all registration requirements have been met.
  • Upon satisfactory review of the registration documentation, the fitting design shall be assigned a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for those designs complying to CSA B51.
  • A registration letter indicating the CRN, date of registration, manufacturer’s name, description of the vessel, drawing numbers, conditions and any other pertinent information will be sent to the applicant.
  • A separate invoice will be forwarded for the registration fee.
  • No other documents will be stamped or returned to the applicant.

Manufacturers of boilers and pressure vessels in countries other than Canada shall hold an ASME Certificate of Authorization and ensure that all boilers and pressure vessels are stamped with the appropriate ASME Code symbol and are registered with the National Board.