Design registration for bulk storage

Bulk storage gas system, where a standard does not exist, is registered in accordance with the following codes.

Applicable codes

Refer to Canadian gas standards adopted as BC Natural Gas and Propane Code for latest information.

To register a design:

  1. Submit a completed Gas Design Registration Form 1523.
  2. For bulk storage system, submit this additional bulk storage sub-form.
  3. Provide documentation to verify that the design conforms to the applicable code/requirement. Refer checklist here. 
    Note: Designs have to be made by a certified individual.
  4. For more than one design, please complete a separate application and collate documents by design.
  5. Submit a digital copy of the application by: 

    1. email to:; or
    2. mail or in person to our Vancouver office
      Note: designs are to be provided on USB disk, data CD or data DVD. Documents should be in word or pdf format and scans must be legible.
      Mark the envelope: Attn: Gas design registration

To ensure that your design registration will move forward, ensure that all requested information as listed on the application form has been provided. Incomplete application packages will not be processed.

Next steps

Step 1: Obtain an installation permit

Licensed contractors working with natural and manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, digester gas, landfill gas, or a mixture or dilution of gasses, need to apply for a permit before they install regulated gas equipment, or gas systems.A permit is required to install and operate a boiler.

Refer to obtaining a gas installation permit for more information.

Step 2: Request an inspection​

To request a commissioning inspection request, refer to gas inspections.

Step 3: Operating permit

An operating permit is required to maintain and operate regulated equipment. Refer to gas operating permits for further information


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