Design registration for heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are registered in accordance with CSA B51 ‘Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code’. The standards governing the design and construction of boilers and pressure vessels are the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes except as otherwise detailed in CSA B51 or the regulation.

To register a design:

  1. Submit a completed design registration application form (CRN/PRN/BCLD).
  2. Provide documentation to verify that the design conforms to the applicable code/requirement. Refer checklist here.
  3. For more than one design, please complete a separate application and collate documents by design.
  4. Only one set of drawings, calculations and application form is required for each design.
  5. Submit paper copy of the application, by mail or in person, to our Vancouver office. Mark the envelope - Attn: Engineering Design Registration.

Note: Incomplete application packages will not be processed.

Reciprocal registration 

Additional documents required to complete a reciprocal registration.

  1. A completed Heat exchanger CRN application supplement form.
  2. Proof of initial registration with a regulatory authority (e.g.- TSSA, ABSA).

Design registration process followed by Technical Safety BC

  1. The design registration package will be reviewed to verify that all requirements have been met.
  2. Upon satisfactory review, the vessel design shall be assigned a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).
  3. A registration letter indicating the CRN, date of registration, manufacturer’s name, description of the vessel, drawing numbers, conditions and any other pertinent information will be sent to the applicant.
  4. A separate invoice will be forwarded for the fee.
  5. The average time for completing ​​​​​​the design registration process is 20 to 30 business days, upon receiving a completed application.

Note: No other documents will be stamped or returned to the applicant.

Next Steps

Step 1: Obtain an installation permit 

Licensed contractors and owners need a permit before they install, operate, or perform maintenance on boilers and refrigeration systems that meet certain specifications. See here for more details. 

Note: Pressure vessels and refrigeration plant up to 5 kW do not require an installation permit.

Step 2: Inspection​

Request an inspection. For details, see here.

Step 3: Operating permit

Operating permits are required to maintain and operate a boiler equipment. See details here.

Note: This will be determined by the safety officer.

Forms and fees


Contact us

Mail or submit paper copy application to our Vancouver office. Mark the envelope - Attn: Engineering Design Registration.

For more information or clarification email: 

Note: Email submissions will not be accepted.

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