Design registration for pressure piping

Pressure piping systems are a series of pipes, tubes, conduits, gaskets, bolts and other components, the sole purpose of which is the conveyance between two points, of an expansible fluid, or a non-expansible fluid or thermal fluid with a working pressure exceeding 1100 kPa or an operating temperature exceeding 121oC.

Failures of pressure piping components can lead to serious harm. It is the responsibility of the pressure piping designer to understand the intended operating conditions, installation interfaces, and the environment into which the pressure piping will be installed to assure safe operation throughout the pressure piping system’s life-cycle.


The following pressure piping systems are exempt from the Regulation

  1. pressure piping external to a boiler proper in a low pressure low temperature fluid plant that operates at a working pressure of 206 kPa or less and a temperature of 100oC or less; or 
  2. pressure piping operating at and with a pressure relief valve set at 103 kPa or less.

Design of pressure piping NPS 3 or smaller is exempt from registration. However, the system must comply with all regulation and code requirements. 

To register a design:

  1. Submit a completed design registration application form (CRN/PRN/BCLD).
  2. Provide documentation to verify that the design conforms to the applicable code/requirement. Refer checklist here.
  3. For more than one design, please complete a separate application and collate documents by design.
  4. Only one set of drawings, calculations and application form is required for each design.
  5. Submit paper copy of the application, by mail or in person, to our Vancouver office. Mark the envelope - Attn: Engineering Design Registration.

Note: Incomplete application packages will not be processed.

Design registration process

  1. The design registration package will be reviewed to verify that all requirements have been met.
  2. Upon satisfactory review, the vessel design shall be assigned a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).
  3. A design registration letter indicating the BC piping registration number (site specific P number), date of registration, description of the piping system, installation site, drawing numbers, and any conditions or limitations will be issued when the review is successful.
  4. A separate invoice will be forwarded for the fee.
  5. The average time for completing ​​​​​​the design registration process is 20 to 30 business days, upon receiving a completed application.

Note: No other documents will be stamped or returned to the applicant.

Forms and fees


Contact us

Mail or submit paper copy application to our corporate office at Vancouver. Mark the envelope - Attn: Engineering Design Registration.

For more information or clarification email: 

Note: Email submissions will not be accepted.