Elevating Devices Inspections


Persons making a declaration required by regulation or the Safety Standards Act, must physically inspect the work before making the declaration and certifying its compliance. Read details here.

The amendment to Safety Standards General Regulation is effective August 31, 2018.

Technical Safety BC performs inspections on new elevating device installations, existing elevating devices and major alterations. All building owners that hold an operating permit are obliged to hire a licensed contractor to maintain the device -- we will revoke the operating permit if you fail to comply.

To understand all steps involved in your inspection, please review the inspection booking procedure. To request an overtime inspection, please complete and submit the Request for Overtime Inspection Form for pre-approval.  Upon completing the form, a safety officer will contact you.

New installations or major alterations

If you have a new installation or you’ve had a major alteration to an existing device, you must arrange an inspection before you put it into service.

To arrange the inspection and confirm you’ve completed your inspection preparation, please complete all of the following forms:

When we contact you with the date of your inspection you need to complete the relevant form for your device and be prepared to show it to the safety officer when they arrive for an inspection:

Maintenance and testing

If you’re a licensed contractor, complete the following forms to confirm that you’ve completed the maintenance and testing requirements of your licence obligations. Submit by email to Technical Safety BC.

Building owners should be aware that we will inspect existing elevating devices to ensure you’ve arranged proper maintenance.


If you would like to apply for exemption or a variance from the safety code requirements, submit the completed Request for Variance - Elevating Form 1007.

For more information on compliance orders, see Enforcement.


If your certificate of inspection identified a non-compliance you must resolve the issue and confirm you have completed the work by submitting the Elevating Devices Non-Compliance Completion Notification Form 1073 by email to Technical Safety BC.

Failure to resolve the non-compliance will result in a new inspection fee or other enforcement actions. We may also decide to take the elevating device out of service.

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