Field Safety Representative Certification Renewal Guide

To renew FSR certification, login with your online account or registering for one.

Registering for an online account

1. Go to and click ‘Login’.  


2. On the following page click ‘Not Registered?’

3. Fill out the requested information and click ‘Submit’ Within 48 hours you will receive an email invitation to activate your online account (valid for 72 hours).

4. Once you have activated your account, you can login to renew your certification.

Renewing your certification

1. Click ‘Certifications’ on the left navigation.​​​​







2. Locate your most recent active certification and click ‘Renew’




3. Fill out the requested information and attach a copy of your wall certificate or wallet card associated with this certification.
Note: Please update your address if it has changed as this is where your wallet card will be sent. Click one of the circles under the ‘Attachments’ section, indicating whether you have attached your current certificate/wallet card or not.

4. Review your submission for accuracy, and submit if complete
Note: Your renewal will not automatically occur. A client services representative will process your application within two weeks (processing times may vary).

5. Once your renewal is approved, you will receive an email notification with a link to make payment for your application. To complete the FSR renewal process, click on 'Pay Now' upon receiving the email.

Obtaining your certificate and wallet card

1 After payment is made, your wall certificate will be available for printing through your online account within two to five days.

2 Go to and click ‘Login’ to access your online account.

3 Once logged in, click ‘Certifications’ on the left navigation.

4 Click on the certification number associated with recent renewal.




5 Scroll down to the ‘Attachments’ section.

6 Open the attachment containing ‘Wall Certificate’ to view, save, or print your renewed certificate of qualification.



7 Your wallet card will be mailed to you and should be received within 14 business days of receiving your approval email.

Important information

All field safety representatives have until July 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM to renew their certificate of qualification.

For information on important dates, frequently asked questions, and other resources, please see the Electrical Field Safety Representative Changes page on our website.


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