Gas Inspections

Important note: Technical Safety BC does not issue gas permits and complete inspections in all municipalities in BC. Some local governments have been delegated portions of the Safety Act within their own areas. As a starting point, check our jurisdiction page to determine if the area you reside falls under Technical Safety BC, or the municipality, or is exempt. 


Persons making a declaration required by regulation or the Safety Standards Act, must physically inspect the work before making the declaration and certifying its compliance. Read details here.

The amendment to Safety Standards General Regulation is effective August 31, 2018.

Homeowner Gas Inspections

Technical Safety BC will inspect your work. You must request this inspection by completing the Gas Homeowner Inspection Request form.

Other Inspections

To request an inspection, please submit a Gas Notification of Completion, Installation or Alteration form 570.

You are responsible for complying with the Safety Standards Act, Regulations and applicable codes on all work where you are the named permit holder. If appropriate, complete the form for your type of installation and submit to Technical Safety BC.


If you are the permit holder and a safety officer has identified non-compliances on the certificate of inspection, you must correct the non-compliances within the time shown on the certificate of inspection and request a re-inspection of the failed inspection step.

This could be done in addition to requesting the next inspection step, if required.  For example, if you are ready for final inspection as well.

Commissioning Inspection Requests

For the commissioning of gas appliances bearing the seal of a recognized testing agency:

  1. direct fired equipment;
  2. commercial and industrial conversion burners;
  3. forced draft appliances over 409,600 BTU;
  4. replacement of fuel and/or burner management controls. (Commissioning of approved appliances only)

When requesting a commissioning approval permission inspection please also provide the installation permit number where applicable.

Commissioning approval permission inspection requests must be received 48 hours prior to the required appliance start up.

Product Approval Inspection Requests

For gas equipment that does not bear certification from a recognized Canadian testing agency, a field assessment/approval portion of the Design Registration process is required. If you are re-designing, or modifying a gas appliance or control system, you must have the product or system registered through the design registration process before you begin. See Gas Design Registration

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