Get your Technical Safety BC documents delivered right to your inbox!

Did you know that you can receive several types of documents from Technical Safety BC through email?  This enables you to have an electronic copy for your files.  Below is a list of documents that Technical Safety BC is able to send to your inbox.

  • Notice of Exam Confirmation
  • Evaluation of Exam Application
  • Notice of Examination Results
  • Electrical Installation Permit 21 Day Expiry Notification
  • Closure Notice
  • Contractor License Renewal Notice
  • Expired EL Installation Permit
  • Qualification Review Decision
  • Certificate of Qualification Renewal Notice
  • Certificate of Inspection EL
  • Certification Expiry Notice
  • General Invoice
  • Notice of Suspension

If you would like to receive these documents through email, please call 1-866-566-7233 or email