railway accident

An event that results in injury or damage relating to the railway’s operations.

A reportable railway accident is:

An accident resulting directly from operation of rolling stock, where:

(a) A person sustains a serious injury or is killed as a result of
1) Being on board or getting on or off the rolling stock, or
2) Coming into contact with any part of the rolling stock or its contents; or

(b) The rolling stock
1) is involved in a grade crossing collision, (all crossing accidents are reportable with or without injuries or fatalities)
2) is involved in a collision or a derailment,
3) sustains damage that affects its safe operation, or
4) causes or sustains a fire or explosion, or causes damage to the railway that poses a threat to the safety of any person, property or the environment.

Note: railway accidents and railway incidents are identified under a different statute (Railway Safety Act) to other Technical Safety BC technologies and therefore defined separately above.