railway incident

An event where there is no damage or injury but the potential existed for either or both to occur and the cause is related to non-compliance with the approved rules, regulations, guidelines, policies or procedures of the railway or external events or activities beyond the control of the railway.

A reportable railway incident is an incident resulting directly from the operation of rolling stock where:

  • A risk of collision occurs;
  • An unprotected main track switch is left in an abnormal position;
  • A railway signal displays a less restrictive indication than required for the intended movement of rolling stock;
  • An unprotected overlap of operating authorities occurs;
  • The movement of rolling stock exceeds the limits of its authority;
  • There is runaway rolling stock;
  • Any crew member whose duties are directly related to the safe operation of the rolling stock is unable to perform the crew member’s duties as a result of a physical incapacitation that poses a threat to any person, property or the environment; or
  • Any dangerous goods are released on board or from the rolling stock.

Note: railway accidents and railway incidents are identified under a different statute (Railway Safety Act) to other Technical Safety BC technologies and therefore defined separately above.