How To Guide - State of Safety 2017

Our annual State of Safety Report provides an understanding of safety hazards observed in the previous year. It also illustrates our efforts to facilitate management of those hazards.

The 2017 report has been organized by quick stats, graphical representations, reports, as well as safety stories. The guide below can help you navigate the various sections of this report.

Quick stats provide an overview of a wide range of data collected by Technical Safety BC to help understand safety risks in British Columbia. Click on any of the numbers/boxes to get more details on the item displayed.
Scroll down to get an overview of safety oversight in 2017 and our network of efforts in the oversight of the Safety Standards Act.
Learn more about how we improve our understanding of safety risk from details on reported injuries, incidents investigated, permits issued, and assessments conducted.
The next section provides an overview of how we manage safety risks by engaging with our stakeholders, client education programs, media relations and communications, licensing and certification, compliance and enforcement, regulatory instruments and amendments, and code and standards development.
Click on Learn more in each of the boxes to get more details.


A menu to guide you through the report is also available on the left of each page. Click the links to read further details. The image below provides an expanded view a page:
The next item on the menu is Management Discussion that provides overall results and analysis for 2017.


A '+' sign next to the sections indicates the menu is expandable. 


Graphs provide a visual representation of the findings in that particular area. We see below a chart that show the compliance assessments of 2017. The adjacent tab to the right details hazard assessments.


Hover over the chart's coloured bars to view numeric details. You can also click on specific items in the chart legend to isolate certain data sets and make them easier to view.
Click the icon on the top right hand corner of the graph to download it as an image or PDF.
Safety stories highlights a few stories about our oversight of safety, as well as multi-year incident case studies.
Want to read older State of Safety reports? Click on the dropdown menu in the header to select a year and click 'Go'.



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