Leadership. Everywhere.

As a leader, one of your most important roles is to coach people to do their best. Leadership. Everywhere provides and easy to use way to set goals, make better decisions, solve problems, learn new skills, and progress careers. As a coach, this application guides you through the proven techniques of the GROW coaching model. GROW stands for Goals, Reality, Options and Will.

Goal – The goal that an individual hopes to accomplish. This stage helps the coachee define and agree upon one or more goals they wish to achieve.

Reality – Identifies the current reality that the coachee is facing. This stage helps the coachee explore how they are thinking about their current reality related to the goal.

Options – Establish the different ways and options that can be used to achieve the Goal. This stage helps the coachee brainstorm all the possible solutions/options to resolve the issue.

Will – Commit to and act upon the identified options. This stage helps the coachee convert options into decisions/action plan.

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