2015 BC Safety Authority alumni scholarships awarded

Two recipients have been named for BC Safety Authority’s first ever Alumni Scholarship Awards.

Julianna Kyle and Gareth Hurd each received $2,500 as the winning recipients of the scholarships.  BC Safety Authority worked with the BCSA Alumni Association Executive Committee to launch the inaugural scholarship program, in which candidates were asked to respond via essay to the question, “What is the importance of safe technical systems to the people of British Columbia?”

In her winning entry, Julianna wrote about technical systems and the importance of a regulatory body to oversee safety protocols.

She wrote, “In places where electricians, welders, and other technical contractors are not licensed and regulated, the quality of work is greatly inferior. Inferior work leads to hazardous environments, and the human cost of related accidents is borne by everyone living there.” 

Gareth focused on prevention being the key to reducing technical safety incidents.

He wrote, “Ensuring that proper safety procedures are used will not only reduce an enormous financial burden on British Columbians but also relieve suffering and fatalities.”

Julianna is currently embarking on her Masters of Counselling, Psychology program, while Gareth is in his fourth year of Environmental Science studies.

“BCSA is delighted to work with our alumni in providing these scholarships to support Julianna and Gareth’s education goals. We all agree that education in general is key to achieving our vision of: Safe Technical Systems. Everywhere.,” says Catherine Roome, BCSA’s President and CEO.

BCSA’s inaugural 2015 Alumni Scholarship Awards accepted applications from all eligible BCSA employees, alumni, and/or their immediate family members.

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