2016 Alumni Scholarship recipients announced

Two recipients of the 2016 Technical Safety BC Alumni Association scholarship have been named: Cliff Carley and Mihai Mateescu.
Cliff Carley is a co-op student on Technical Safety BC's Client Education team. His essay detailed several opportunities for Technical Safety BC to be more visible, memorable and understandable to the public:

“To effectively communicate Technical Safety BC’s mandate to the people of British Columbia, the people of British Columbia need to know what we actually do first. This starts with becoming more visible, restructuring the Technical Safety BC brand, and widening the scope of Technical Safety BC’s projects in several departments. However, the organization cannot focus on only one, as they are all interrelated. To effectively communicate to the people of BC, Technical Safety BC needs to restructure their perspective to focus on Safe technical systems. For everyone.”

Mihai Mateescu is the son of Carolina Mateescu, Regional Coordinator for Lower Mainland North. His essay established the need for Technical Safety BC to identify our target audience, simplify our existing online tools, expand on our mobile and social media presence, and highlight our achievements more broadly:

“Technical Safety BC could focus on increased engagement through Twitter as it is an excellent web service that can be used not only for brand promotion, but for sharing industry related stories and actively engaging with customers and partners. For example, it could be more actively used to answer customer questions, highlight company successes, communicate safety recommendations and to connect employees, customers and partners through regular online dialogue. Technical Safety BC could also consider creating a new video series on the Technical Safety BC YouTube channel regarding safety standards. The series could feature interviews with contractors and industry professionals that highlight the role of Technical Safety BC.”

This year, eligible scholarship applicants were invited to answer the question: In British Columbia, Technical Safety BC oversees the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment. How could this mandate be effectively communicated to the people of British Columbia? We were pleased to see 23 Technical Safety BC employees, alumni, and their family members submit their ideas on how we can better reach the public and our clients and stakeholders. Technical Safety BC Stakeholder Engagement team will review these ideas for consideration.

 The Technical Safety BC Alumni Association scholarship is one of the many ways that Technical Safety BC Alumni Association members reconnect with current employees. The Technical Safety BC Alumni Association was established in 2014 to strengthen ties between alumni and Technical Safety BC; and to provide opportunities for members to communicate, socialize and support the activities and goals of Technical Safety BC.

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