2017 alumni scholarships awarded

Congratulations to Anasuya Kesavan, recipient of the 2017 Alumni Association Scholarship.

Anasuya is a co-op student currently working with our Communications team on building our new website. Anasuya is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Communication and Media Studies program at Simon Fraser University and was on the Dean’s Honour Roll for Spring 2017. She has an extensive background in communications and writing, has lived in a number of different countries, and has co-authored a book, My Business@Bahrain: Entrepreneurial Success Stories.

Anasuya will be awarded $2,500 for her essay, which answered this year’s question: Technical Safety BC works with seven industries to improve public safety while contributing to our clients’ success. Explain how Technical Safety BC could work with these industries as partners to improve public satisfaction with public safety. essay, which highlights how Technical Safety BC can provide online services along with local distributors of regulated products, create incentives for companies undertaking large projects that cross multiple technologies, recognize companies who champion industry compliance by consistently showing compliant behaviour, and provide a public access website on certified individuals’ past projects and professional certifications.

In this third year of Technical Safety BC Alumni Association’s scholarship, we received ten applications from Technical Safety BC employees, alumni, and family members. The Technical Safety BC Alumni Association now has over 80 members, and is proud to offer this scholarship annually.

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