2018 Alumni Association scholarships awarded

Congratulations to Amalia Urloiu and Gardenia Marinho who have been awarded the 2018 Technical Safety BC Alumni Association Scholarship.

Amalia and Gardenia will each receive $2,500 for their scholarship essay submissions, which answered this year’s question: Describe how technical safety affects your family, friends or community.

Amalia is currently a first year Bachelor of Science student at the University of British Columbia. Her essay, “Being Okay Everyday” takes fictional characters and places them into a short story that highlights the importance of Technical Safety BC and the role we play in everyday tasks. Amalia also drew on visual comparisons, looking at life in BC with and without Technical Safety BC.

Gardenia is studying Human Resource Management at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Her essay looked at not only the importance of Technical Safety BC in the safety system, but also the role the public and community play in building a safe culture. Gardenia also stressed the importance of not solely relying on the manufacturers of the devices and systems we use for safe outcomes.

The annual scholarship is one of the many ways that Technical Safety BC’s Alumni Association members reconnect with past and present employees. This year, we received 21 applications from Technical Safety BC employees, alumni, and family members. 

Congratulations once more to Amalia and Gardenia! We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and we are confident they will find success and continue to promote safety.

Nomination criteria for the new round of awards will be made available on our website in late 2019. 



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