Advertising relationships with Technical Safety BC: Do’s and don’ts for contractors

After spending many hours studying to obtain their licence, many contractors may want to advertise that they are licensed by Technical Safety BC to do the work they are qualified to do.  But when, where and how can contractors assure clients that their business is a part of the safety system? Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to advertising your relationship with Technical Safety BC.

Contractors holding up-to-date licences from Technical Safety BC may tell clients exactly that. When potential clients ask for verification, they can point them to BCSA’s listing of licensed contractors as well as exercise the following do’s:

  • Take the time to explain what it means to hold a license and why it’s important to take out a permit for work that needs to be completed.
  • Show your licence to set your business apart from competitors who work outside of the safety system.

The “don’t” comes in when contractors say or imply that they are endorsed or recommended by Technical Safety BC. Some contractors feel this is a grey area when in fact, it is very much black and white. As a regulator, we strive to remain impartial and do not recommend any particular contractor. As stated on our website: “We cannot endorse or guarantee [contractors’] performance. It is your responsibility to interview and select your contractor carefully. One way to help protect your safety and your investment is by asking your contractor to show you valid permits for the work they are performing.”

“While we appreciate that contractors recognize the value of being associated with Technical Safety BC and being a licensed contractor, our logo is a trademark owned by Technical Safety BC," explains Kelly Moon, Leader, Communications and Media Relations. "As such, we don't allow for third party use of the logo in general, with rare exceptions being during a joint initiative or sponsorship.

Contractors are free to include the fact (in text, no logo) that they are licensed by Technical Safety BC in marketing materials, such as websites, business cards, ads, and flyers but only as long as the license is valid when the material is distributed.

Contractors with questions about Technical Safety BC logo use or advertising are encouraged to contact

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