Ask an Amusement Devices Safety Officer - Spring-Summer 2018

Where can I find information on the types of amusement rides that are regulated?

Go to our website and travel to Choose Technology – Amusement Devices. From there click on the What’s Regulated? box. Here you will find information on what types of amusement devices are regulated, as well as examples of items exempt from regulation.

Why was I not allowed to ride double with my child on the waterslide at my local aquatic centre?

Most waterslides are designed for single riders, riding feet first while sitting or lying down. Waterslides that allow more than one rider are specifically designed for this requirement. In fact, almost all waterslides that allow multiple riders use some type of tube or raft you sit in when riding down the waterslide. View more info:

Is there a safety code or standard that covers the design and operation of amusement rides in British Columbia?

Yes, the design and operation of amusement rides in British Columbia is covered by the CSA Z267-00 Safety Code for Amusement Rides and Devices


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