Attention Elevating Devices Mechanics: Time to renew your certification!

The Elevating Device Mechanic Certification (EDMC) program was launched in 2015 to provide consistent certification standards for the elevating industry and reduce safety risks to workers and the public. The program requires that all individuals performing regulated work on elevating devices be certified elevator mechanics or registered as mechanics-in-training.

Individuals who registered as elevating devices mechanics in 2015 must renew their certification in 2018 and provide evidence of having completed 24 hours of continuing education. Refer to Information Bulletin (IB-ED-2017-04) for more specifics surrounding applicable continuing education.

As this is the first renewal for the majority of mechanics, proof of continuing education may be submitted as late as June 1, 2018 to Check with your supervisor as they may be able to assist you with providing proof of your continuing education.

You will receive a renewal notification 60 days prior to your certification expiry date. Please pay the fee by credit card to Technical Safety BC. Remember, you cannot work on regulated elevating device without a valid certificate.

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