Attention Mechanics-in-Training: Time to renew your certification!

The Elevating Device Mechanic Certification (EDMC) program was launched in 2015 to provide consistent certification standards for the elevating industry and reduce safety risks to workers and the public. The program requires that all individuals performing regulated work on elevating devices be certified elevator mechanics or registered as mechanics-in-training.

Individuals who registered as mechanics-in-training last year must renew their registration in 2016 and provide evidence of enrollment in a recognized elevator mechanic training program. (Learn more on our website).

What's the Process?
If you are a mechanic-in-training you will receive a renewal notification from BCSA three months before the certification is scheduled to expire. To renew, you must send the required documents to BCSA and pay the renewal fee by credit card or cheque before the expiry date (please allow adequate time for processing). It is the responsibility of the mechanic-in-training, not the employer, to maintain a valid license. You can renew the certificate six weeks prior to the expiry date. Remember: you cannot work on regulated elevating devices without a valid licence! That's why it is so important to plan ahead, and get your renewal sorted out well ahead of time.  

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