BC Hydro and BC Electrical Code requirements for underground service conduits

Residential home builders frequently install electric service conduits inside the building walls to improve the appearance of exterior walls and increase curb appeal of homes. To facilitate this practice, in April 2017, we harmonized our requirements for underground residential supply services (120/240V up to 600A) with the BC Electrical Code requirement for a 2 inch concrete encasement of service conduits installed within building walls.

All installations must be completed in accordance with the BC Electrical Code administered by Technical Safety BC or the local electrical safety inspection branch.

In the photo shown, the rigid PVC conduit would require encasement. This would pose a problem as the construction of the exterior wall of the dwelling does not allow enough room for an encasement of a full 2 inches.

underground service conduit

Proper planning and coordination with the builder is important to ensure that the encasement will not interfere with building factors like space requirements and R-value of insulation.

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