Can disposable propane cylinders be refilled?

Beware of adapters being sold online and through local retail stores for the sole purpose of refilling disposable propane cylinders using refillable cylinders. Most of these adapters were designed for the 20 pound variants of refillable cylinders.

Refilling disposable propane cylinders is prohibited and is very hazardous.  This can lead to overfilling and will compromise the integrity of the cylinders, leading to potential uncontrolled release of fuel, fires, explosions, and personal injury.

This is enforceable under Gas Safety Regulation section 28 (8):

An individual must not transfer liquefied petroleum gas from one container to another unless the individual has successfully completed a training course that has been approved by a provincial safety manager and holds a certificate issued following that training course.”

CSA B149.2-10 Propane Storage and Handling code also details the following:

  • A cylinder manufactured to TC Specification 39, 2P, or 2Q and known as a “single-trip” or “non-refillable” cylinder shall not be refilled. (6.4.5)
  • Propane shall only be transferred from one container to another by a person who is the holder of a certificate recognized by the authority having jurisdiction. (5.2.1)
  • The person filling any container shall be responsible for ensuring that the maximum permitted filling density is not exceeded. (5.2.6)
  • A cylinder shall be filled by volume or weight in accordance with the code. If the cylinder is filled by weight, it shall be equipped with a fixed-liquid-level gauge designed for the cylinder. Neither a float gauge nor a dispensing meter shall be used to determine maximum cylinder filling density. (6.4.2)

If you have any questions, contact Technical Safety BC at 1 866 566 7233 and we will have a gas safety officer get in touch with you.

And remember: Never place a pressurized container in your garbage as they can cause explosions when compacted in collection trucks. Portable propane tanks can be recycled.  For local disposal options, call the RCBC Recycling Hotline or visit the RCBC Recyclepedia.

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