Can technology help Technical Safety BC improve electrical compliance?

In BC, a significant portion of electrical work is performed without the required installation permits, resulting in significant risk to workers and the public.

Graduate students from the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University recently conducted research and interviews with Technical Safety BC stakeholders to identify issues that may inhibit permitting. They prepared a report recommending several ideas that could help bring non-compliant electrical contractors into the safety system, and enhance public perception.

Their recommendations include:

  • Developing a Technical Safety BC mobile App to make the permit application process faster and more efficient;
  • Improving the navigation and usability of the Technical Safety BC website;
  • Providing multi-lingual website information and forms;
  • Enhancing homeowner education regarding when and where permits are required, and the risks of not obtaining them; and
  • Exploring the potential of virtual inspections (via video-conference) for low-risk sites.

These recommendations not only have the potential to improve compliance, but could also enhance Technical Safety BC’s reputation as an innovative regulator.

Learn more in the full report.

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