Changes to monetary penalties

Under the Safety Standards Act, BC Safety Authority’s Compliance & Enforcement Program has the ability to impose sanctions which is a penalty for disobeying a law. In particular, BCSA may impose monetary penalty sanctions.

In 2016 the Compliance & Enforcement Program reviewed and revised the method of calculating monetary penalties and the process by which they are generated internally.

It is important to the monetary penalty process that penalties are applied fairly and consistently across all of BCSA’s technologies when a monetary penalty is deemed the appropriate tool to change duty holder behavior.

BCSA has the ability to impose monetary penalties of up to $100,000. The intent of a monetary penalty is to encourage non-compliant duty holders to change their behavior in the long term becoming compliant with their obligations. BCSA, in the past, has not leveraged this tool to its full ability or up to the full penalty amounts allowed under legislation. Be advised that when the new process and calculator is implemented on January 1, 2017, the average value of monetary penalties is anticipated to increase.

Learn more about monetary penalties. Watch BCSA’s new animated video presentation outlining duty holder obligations and the compliance and enforcement processes and tools.

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