Contractor pre-operation inspection declaration for passenger ropeways

As a part of a proactive approach to improving passenger ropeway safety, Technical Safety BC recently met with representatives from the Canada West Ski Area Association and a cross section of BC passenger ropeways operators to find ways to improve public safety.

From this meeting, the implementation of a Passenger Ropeway Contractors Pre-Operation Inspection Declaration was recommended.

Before the start of each winter and summer operating season, Technical Safety BC is asking operators to submit this declaration, which is based on the requirements of the CSA Z98-14 Safety Standard, Annex D.

Declarations have been created for the following types of devices:

  1. Above Surface Circulating Ropeway
  2. Surface Ropeway (including those using secondary carriers)
  3. Rope Tow - Wire or Fibre (including those using secondary carriers)
  4. Passenger Conveyor

Checklists for reversible, industrial and self-powered ropeways are in development for a release in the fall of 2018.

At this time, the use and submission of these declarations to Technical Safety BC is voluntary, although it is strongly recommended that operators complete the inspection declarations and submit them to Technical Safety BC at

An information bulletin was issued to the BC passenger ropeway industry which contains information relating to these inspection checklist declarations.

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