Delaminated escalator roller causes unexpected stair drop


Escalator Roller

Wear and tear on an escalator roller resulted in a failure and a near miss at a major grocery store in Metro Vancouver.

As a woman stepped onto the escalator, she noticed the stair drop about one inch. Fortunately an elevator mechanic who was on site at the time also witnessed the stair drop and immediately stopped the device.

A BCSA investigation of the incident determined that one of the two rollers on either end of the escalator steps had delaminated. With only one bearing to provide support to the step, it gave way and dropped one inch. If both bearings had given way, the step might have dropped further into the wellway of the device causing potential injury. 

The age of the roller combined with regular wear and tear were identified as the causes of the incident.

To prevent these types of incidents it is important to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections.

To learn more about minimum maintenance requirements and the mandated schedule for elevating devices, including escalators, review the Mandatory Maintenance directive which forms part of the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation (EDSR).

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