Dislodged vent creates hazardous condition

A Technical Safety BC gas safety officer was inspecting a warehouse’s unit heater when he noticed another unit heater with a dislodged vent. The second unit was an existing appliance not scheduled for inspection that day. The appliance’s manual shut-off valve was found in the "on" position but its thermostat was turned off.

If the second unit heater had been turned on, operation of the appliance would have exposed workers to products of combustion which may have included carbon monoxide.

The safety officer created a Hazard Elimination Assessment and educated the workers on the dangers of using the unit heater with an unsafe venting system. The unit heater was de-energized until the necessary repairs were made.

This serves as a reminder to have gas appliances serviced and maintained regularly by a licensed contractor and to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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