Incorrect venting materials could have caused CO poisoning

While conducting a physical assessment of a newly installed fireplace in a residence, a Technical Safety BC gas safety officer discovered that incorrect venting material had been used.

Flexible concentric venting had been pushed over the connections on an M&G Dura Vent concentric fitting and sealed with foil tape. This fireplace is not approved for use with flex vent unless installed in a masonry chimney with the approved adaptors.

The non-compliance could have resulted in venting issues leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The assessment resulted in a contractor meeting wherein the safety officer discussed the necessity for equipment to be installed according to the manufacturer’s requirements to maintain safe installation and operation. It was also discovered that the gasfitter had been directed to perform the installation in the non-compliant method found by the safety officer.  The safety officer explained that, regardless of what a gasfitter is directed to do, it is the gasfitter’s responsibility to ensure an installation is compliant and safe before leaving a site. The safety officer also followed up in regards to the direction that was given to the fitter. In the end, the company and fitter were appreciative of the information and the installation was made compliant.

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