Monitoring unpermitted work

During 2016, eight unpermitted work actions against amusement device operators were completed.

This type of action is usually started when a safety officer discovers an amusement device operating without the required permits, or an operator without the required contractor’s license. Public complaints and feedback about amusement devices in operation can also spark an investigation.

When investigating unpermitted work, a safety officer will issue a certificate of inspection instructing the amusement device operator to obtain the required permits and licence before the device may be operated again. Once BCSA completes an acceptance inspection of the amusement device and confirms that the required permits and licence have been obtained, the amusement device may be open for operation.

In most cases operators are cooperative and BCSA does not need to take enforcement action to gain compliance with the Safety Standards Act and Elevating Devices Safety Regulation. Enforcement actions include compliance orders, discipline orders, monetary penalties, safety orders, suspension of contractor privileges, or a combination of these. In 2016, no enforcement actions were started against any amusement device operators.

BCSA continues its effort to education those operating outside of the safety system on the importance of obtaining the necessary permits so we can work together to prevent incidents.

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