A new process for obtaining your commissioning approval

A commissioning approval is a mandatory permission obtained from a gas safety officer to perform testing, start-up, and placement into operation for any regulated gas appliance as described in Section 26(2) of the Gas Safety Regulation (GSR).

As of December 1, 2017, the commissioning approval will be attached to the installing contractor‘s installation permit. This means that only the installing contractor responsible for the compliant installation of the equipment will be able to request a commissioning approval.

The GSR also indicates that, in addition to the requirement for a gas contractor to obtain a gas installation permit prior to the installation of any gas appliance, equipment or gas system, the permit holder (installing contractor) shall request a commissioning approval assessment for any of the following specific gas fired appliances if included on the permit:

  1. any direct-fired non-recirculating type make-up heater
  2. commercial and industrial conversion burners (certified to a recognized standard, approved and designed for appliance type)
  3. any direct fired equipment
  4. forced draft appliances over 409,600 BTU/hr (120 kW)

Commissioning approval assessment requests must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the above appliances being placed into service. If a gas safety officer cannot perform a physical assessment on site, the permit holder must obtain documented authorization that the appliance is permitted to be placed into operation from the gas safety officer before proceeding. Any authorization is subject to further terms and conditions that may be imposed, including a physical assessment.

All commissioning approval assessments include the completion and submission of a commissioning form. If a commissioning approval assessment for appliances identified in GSR s.26 (2) has not been completed or accepted by a gas safety officer, testing or use of the equipment is not authorized.

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