Railway safety program notes growing number of certified railways

The number of certified railways in BC continues to grow. In 2016, there was a total of 149 certified railways, up from 135 in 2015. BCSA’s Railway Safety Program now frequently receives calls from prospective new railway clients before they commence railway operations. In an effort to maintain a level playing field in the industry, BCSA’s railway safety officers are keeping a sharper watch for railways operating outside the scope of the provincial regulatory regime.

The Railway Safety Program at BC Safety Authority is a proven risk-based regulatory system designed to promote the safe movement of railway equipment in the province. While we strive to ensure that our program includes everyone moving railway equipment in BC, we cannot be everywhere in the province at once. If you are aware of anyone engaged in railway activity in BC who is not part of the system, please contact us at Railway@technicalsafetybc.ca. Your participation supports efforts to level the playing field and advocates that all workers who move railway equipment are properly trained and protected.

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