Should I call Technical Safety BC or the manufacturer for my passenger ropeways concern?

Wondering if your passenger ropeways inquiry should be directed to Technical Safety BC or the equipment manufacturer? That depends whether your query is related to CSA Z98 or maintenance requirements.

CSA Z98 Questions: Call Technical Safety BC

During an assessment by Technical Safety BC, any deficiencies will be noted by our safety officer on a Certificate of Inspection. Owners and operators are then asked to correct the deficiencies and ensure compliance with all Act, Regulations, Safety Standards and manufacturers’ requirements. In these cases, the safety officer will be able to clarify the noted deficiency but would not be in the position to provide instruction on how to maintain, repair, replace or adjust an item to ensure compliance.

For example, during a periodic assessment of a fixed grip chairlift, a safety officer can determine that the emergency stopping distance and time do not meet the requirements of the CSA Z98-14 clause 6.6, and can issue a non-compliance order. Even though the safety officer may know what is wrong with the brake and how to repair it, the safety officer is not in the position to make recommendations on how to fix it. Technical Safety BC  advises owners and operators to consult with the equipment manufacturer to ensure the non-compliance is corrected appropriately.

Maintenance Inquiries: Call the Manufacturer

Operators who are unsure of how to maintain their passenger ropeway or other equipment should contact the equipment manufacturer for clarity. If the manufacturer is no longer in business, operators can contact a Technical Safety BC-licensed passenger ropeway contractor for assistance.

It is the responsibility of owners to ensure that their ropeways, conveyors and any other equipment are being maintained by a “trained and competent person.” Technical Safety BC safety officers have investigated incidents where workers without proper training or experience completing specific maintenance tasks have resulted in serious injuries, fatalities and catastrophic equipment damage.

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